What's time? What's a year? And a day?

Today I wanted to share a personal thought about time and drawing.

When I was at school I used to imagine the year as a square, placing main events in the corners, and the rest was divided by months proportionally to fit those corners:

The geometric divission of the year was helpful to feel it in a different way. You can see it doesn't match exacly the seasons, it redefines the 4 periods of the year by emotional seasons. Four corners are : Chrismas, summer holidays, summer holidays end and good weather end (November 1st).

I continue to see the year like this in my mind when I think about dates. It's like playing Monopoly, being Xmas the Start.

Así como las estaciones afectan al medio, así me afectaba a mí esta imagen cuadrada del año. Cada esquina es un punto de impulso hacia la siguiente estación de reposo.

Otro ejemplo de distribución temporal que usé con los años es la asignación de formas a los días de la semana. I used this as a diary, making a little drawing inside each shape.

Representing time is a game that can help you to understand your life in a differente way, and also live differently.

Erasing the numbers from my calendaar allowed me to dismantle the weekdays columns and start looking for different realtions between months, weeks and days and represent it in smaller space.

And you? How would you represent time?