Helbuttons.org is a free and open source platform for collaborative economy/life.

Car sharing, food delivery, pet caring, emergency assistance... everyone can create lots of differents collaborative apps with the same API. Each offer or request for help becomes a button that can be shared and pushed by any other person.  The app does not seek to set limits or benefit from user exchanges: its purpose is to make collaboration easier in any field, not just from an economic point of view.

The purpose of the app is to allow everyone to make their collaborative apps and compete with the mainstream companies. How? By joining the open software community in one platform instead of dividing it in different apps.


It shows not only the trending topics but also those which are best rated by users and aims to help in those fields. You can also use it to create your own collaborative tool for you own purposes and make a collaborative community in your neighborhood, town, organization or institution.


The tool was designed through the cooperation of physicists, sociologists, economists, engineers and programmers.